Tracy Madryga

ESL Teacher
Kenwood Elementary

Tracy has been a teacher for 15 years, with the last eight years in the role of ESL teacher. She has served as team lead and has helped advocate for the academic needs of Kenwood’s multilingual learners. Tracy and her team’s advocacy has led Kenwood to see ESL instruction not as an intervention, but as Tier 1 instruction that is critical in a school with a population that is nearly 50% multilingual. Kenwood’s success with multilingual learners led to our team’s 2016 Hilliard Lyons Award, and has also led our school to become a model for other ESL programs across the district. Tracy works closely with the district ESL department to stay up-to-date on the most current research regarding instruction for multilingual learners. She promotes implementation of this research at Kenwood, including increasing collaboration and coteaching between classroom teachers and ESL teachers. She is proud of the successful co teaching partnership she has with fellow presenter Kayla Adams! She also had the opportunity to be a supervising teacher for a student teacher in Spring 2022. This experience not only helped develop the skills of a future ESL teacher, but it also helped Tracy reflect and refine on her own teaching.