Cultivating a Distinguished School of Inclusion - Our Journey to Success

Wednesday February 1, 2023
12:15 - 1:15 PM
Wabash Ballroom

Are you looking for ways to create a more inclusive environment at your school that increases sense of belonging and student engagement? Are you a leader who wants to create and and/or cultivate a school culture that develops, supports, and monitors integrated systems that empower teachers and students to reach their full potential? Leading a school that focuses on equity, inclusion, and sense of belonging requires a commitment to practices that are viewed through an asset-based lens and often include out of the box thinking and approaches. This session will focus on the actions steps one Title I school took to create increased access and opportunity for all students to become a National ESEA Distinguished School. Participants will walk away with lots of practical ideas and strategies they can immediately implement in their school.

In-Person Lecture
building leaders
equity and excellence, Distinguished Schools award