Kayla Adams

Kenwood Elementary

Kayla has been a classroom teacher at Kenwood Elementary School for 10 years, with the last 6 years in 1st grade. She has served as team lead, and was the first homeroom teacher in the building to complete the Kentucky Center for Mathematics Early Numeracy training. Kayla received her National Boards Certification in 2017, and renewed her certification in 2021, while also receiving her Project Based Learning Certification. In the 2018-2019 school year, Kayla led her team to have the highest MAP growth in 1st grade, in the district. Kayla is helping Kenwood transition to a Certified Project Based Learning school over the next 3 years, by coaching the staff through PBL certification and was a featured guest on the PBL Playbook Podcast. Kayla has worked closely with fellow presenter, Tracy Madryga, and has learned how best to provide Tier 1 instruction for her multilingual learners. Through this partnership, she has incorporated new strategies in her daily lessons, which benefit all students’ speaking and listening skills, as well as build background knowledge for new vocabulary.