Effective professional development is not a single event, but an ongoing commitment. With that in mind, NAESPA is committed to providing engaging webinar series throughout the year. See below for what we have on the calendar.


Upcoming Events

  • September - Digital Learning and Privacy Concerns - Julia Martin, Brustein & Manasevit WATCH NOW
  • September - Fostering Family Engagement to Launch Student Success - Sherri Wilson, NAFSCE's Director of Training and Engagement WATCH NOW
  • October - Initial Steps for Newly-identified CSI Schools and Resetting Perennial CSI Schools - Q&A with WestEd's Terry Hofer WATCH NOW
  • December 7, 4 pm - 5:30pm ET - The increase in ESSA in requirements at the federal level for Parent, Family, and Community Engagement - Q&A with NAELPA's Executive Director David Holbrook and LEA Members Merica Clinkenbeard of Missouri and Nicole Leach of Indiana as well as NAESPA's Ricky Santellana, the Title III Statewide Coordinator for the Texas Education Agency REGISTER NOW

    With the passage of ESSA and its replacement of NCLB, the writers of the law moved the responsibility for how federal requirements are implemented from the federal level to the state level. Things like the NCLB federal Highly Qualified Teacher requirements were replaced with requirements for teachers to meet State Certification and Licensure. The only area where the opposite of this took place, where there were additional requirements at the federal level added to the law, is in the area of parent and family engagement. This presentation will cover the changes in those requirements with a focus on parent, family, and community engagement for the parents and families of multilingual learners (MLs). Dr. David Holbrook, NAELPA Executive Director, will provide a 15 minute presentation to introduce the topic, which will be followed by a panel discussion related to best practices for implementing the increased Parent, Family, and Community Engagement requirements in ESSA.

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