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Fostering Family Engagement to Launch Student Success
Just as many engineers, scientists, and mathematicians must work together to launch rockets into space, families, schools, and communities need to work together to launch children’s learning. Like a team at “mission control,” families, schools, and communities need to engage with each other to plan, implement, and complete their shared mission of children’s successful learning. Regular, reliable communication and engagement by everyone involved helps learning take off, helping children to reach their goals. Authentic and effective family, school, and community engagement is about so much more than back-to-school night. It’s more than communicating with parents when there’s a problem with their child. It is even more than simply caring for a student, their well-being, and their success. Family, school, and community engagement encompasses all the ways adults interact to support children’s development, academic achievement, and long-term success. This session will give participants information about the science behind family and community engagement, what it is and why it matters, as well as some specific strategies to get started.


There was a question during the talk about family engagement programs with a Title III focus - Sherri asked colleagues, and the only one they knew was the Latino Family Literacy Project. She would also point people to the Global Family Research Project. They have a tremendous database with blogs and articles on a variety of subjects related to family engagement.

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This talk was presented at:
NAESPA Fall Webinar Series
September 2022 in Cyberspace
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Sherri Wilson

Sherri Wilson is NAFSCE's Director of Training and Engagement. Sherri is a nationally recognized expert and consultant in family engagement. Formerly, she served as the Director of Consultative Services at Scholastic and was a founding partner of the Center for Active Family Engagement (CAFE). Prior to that, she served at the Senior Manager of Family Engagement at the National PTA. During her time at the National PTA, Sherri oversaw the implementation of the National PTA Standards for Family School Partnerships and led the Urban Family Engagement Initiative. She was the staff lead and primary author of the Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle. She provided training, information and support to National PTA staff as well as state and local members related to family engagement and the implementation of the National PTA Standards for Family School Partnerships. Ms. Wilson was the Co-founder of the Alabama Parent Education Center and served as Alabama PIRC Director for over fourteen years. She has served on a wide variety of national, state, and local boards and committees and was a founding board member for the National Association of Family School and Community Engagement. Ms. Wilson holds an MBA with a concentration in Marketing, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing, a Family Development Credential from the University of Alabama and is a Certified Grant Administrator and Certified Grant Evaluator. Ms. Wilson has presented information to families and educators in a variety of formats at the local, state and national levels. Contact Sherri at