Prioritize Data to Empower Teachers

Wednesday February 1, 2023
3:30 - 5:00 PM
Room 201-204

Data should be used to drive instruction. When schools use Acadience/DIBELS as a screener, using the data can be simple. Utilizing data, students can be grouped and provided targeted instruction in foundational skills. Science of Reading based-diagnostics are used to drill down on skills, which will be taught during reading interventions. Every student receives Tier 2 support each day in the area of need. Using PLC essential questions, ensures each student and subgroup are receiving equitable instruction. Teams create a plan for instruction each child will receive and create short-term, measurable (PEERS) goals which will be used to follow up in weekly and monthly meetings. Bigger data meetings happen in conjunction with benchmark assessments to determine the growth of each student. Monthly data meetings are used to look at Progress Monitoring data and ensure that the students are on the pathway to success, which is essential to close the gap and “lift up” the students to success.

In-Person Workshop
classroom leaders
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