Tia Taylor

Senior Program Associate
WestEd, Region 15 Comprehensive Center

For close to a decade, Tia Taylor has worked to pursue the equitable distribution of resources that balances compliance with meeting the educational needs of students. Her professional goal is to eliminate resource inequities and ensure that each student has access to a quality education. Tia serves as a Senior Program Associate with WestEd and the Region 15 Comprehensive Center. In this role, she leverages her experience and expertise in the area of school finance, resource allocation approaches, and leadership development. With extensive experience with budget development, strategic planning, and resource alignment her work is focused on systems change and transformation. Tia has a unique insight on federal program requirements and provides support to educational leaders by exploring strategies for braiding and blending funds to maximize the use of precious resources and expand access to programs and services for all students. Prior to joining WestEd, Tia worked in school districts in the areas of program planning, budget, and accounting. In addition, she supported district leadership in the development of California's Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and worked to align both federal and state plans and school improvement plans to the LCAP. Tia also held a variety of accounting positions and administrative support functions with other state agencies and private sector corporations.