Corey Cornett

Senior Program Associate
WestEd, Region 15 Comprehensive Center

Corey Cornett provides project leadership and content support for Region 14 and Region 15 Comprehensive Center projects and provides technical assistance to local education agencies to integrate Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) for student achievement. Region 14 project work supports Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, while Region 15 project work supports Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. APTT Technical Assistance includes district, campus leadership and teacher-level PD and ongoing site-based support during the duration of APTT contracts nationwide. Prior to WestEd, Corey cycled through an expansive leadership cohort in his district where he gained experience in the following areas: technology (teaching technology to children & adults, including deep hardware/software/cloud-based exposure), professional learning (professional development trainer, on-boarding specialist, professional learning community leader, mentor, coach, family engagement specialist, school turnaround coach, data reporting, presentation/adult learning theory), human resources (recruitment & selection, talent development, program management, systems improvement agent), change management (protocol and process reporting), and organizational development.