Kristina Bott

Instructional Coach
McCaw Elementary School

Ms. Bott currently serves as an Instructional Strategist at Gordon McCaw STEAM Academy in Henderson, NV. She has both her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, as well as a Master of Education in Educational Leadership (K-12). She has over seventeen years of experience in the educational setting, and has served as a curriculum specialist for seven of those years. Throughout her tenure at McCaw, she has been an integral part of the leadership team. She has helped grow the school from a two star status to a five star school, which has directly affected students in the areas of overall growth, growth of sub groups, achievement, and attendance. Through this position and experience the importance of purposeful planning of rigorous curriculum. She is responsible for all Read by Grade 3 legislative and district requirements, Title I budget and documentation requirements, curriculum planning and alignment of all Kindergarten-5th grade standards, embedding specialists (Art, Music, Library and GATE) into grade level Project Based Learning, maintaining school-wide curriculum data, supervising school-wide intervention supports, and coordinating/supervising all after school tutoring enrichment clubs. She serves as a mentor teacher both within the school and across the school district. Her experience includes leading teachers in district initiatives, modeling and coaching teachers in effective lesson planning using data to drive instruction, unwrapping the Nevada Academic Content Standards, facilitating professional learning communities, as well as leading staff and district-wide professional developments.