Daphne Flentroy

State Ombudsman
Louisiana State Department of Education

Daphne Flentroy is the State Ombudsman for Louisiana. She has over 20 years of experience in Federal Programs working with private schools. Daphne has been very successful in building effective equitable services programs and bridging the communication gap between LEAs and private schools. To date, the Louisiana Department of Education has not had any informal or formal complaints regarding ESSA Act of 2015 equitable services program. As the State Ombudsman, she created an Equitable Services Workgroup to assist with developing protocols for open communication/collaboration, as well as, a checklist and flexible timeline to promote workable and agreeable relationships between LEAs and private schools. As a part of the Federal Support Team for the Louisiana State Department of Education, she supports and provides federal guidance to both private schools and LEAs. Participants describe her presentations/sessions as informative, interactive, thought-provoking, and passionate. Daphne serves on the National Ombudsmen Steering Committee.