The National ESEA Conference is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and staff. All presenters are expected to understand and follow presenter policies.

While you may indicate your session format preference during the proposal submission process, all presenters should be prepared to present in-person. The presentation delivery format (in-person or virtual) is determined by Show Management and the Conference Planning Committee. Presenters will be notified of their session format when Terms & Conditions are issued on September 7th to provisionally accepted proposals. By signing their Terms & Conditions, each presenter agrees to either appear in-person in Indianapolis or virtually via the online Conference platform, as assigned by Show Management. All presenters on a session must present in the same format (there are no hybrid presentation options). Once Terms & Conditions have been accepted, changes to the session delivery format cannot be accommodated. *Note: Virtual session delivery is not an option for promotional sessions.

By presenting In-Person at the 2023 National ESEA Conference, presenters agree to the following COVID-19 waiver and conference protocol compliance:

Presenters acknowledge that in-person participation at an event is completely voluntary. In exchange for being given the opportunity to register for and attend this event in-person, presenters hereby waive any and all claims or causes of action against the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators ("the Association"), Show Management, its contractors, or staff for any exposure to COVID-19 or for contracting COVID-19, a related illness, or other harm that may result from presenters' in-person participation in this event. Presenters further agree to comply with the COVID-19 Conference Protocols published and made available by the Association and any safety guidelines or protocols posted or communicated onsite by the Association, Show Management, the host venue, or any governmental authority.


The National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators is working closely with the Indiana Convention Center, to follow the most up-to-date guidance from the Centers from Disease Control (CDC) for large gatherings, as well as local public health guidelines. The latest guidance from the City of Indianapolis can be found here.

Each presenter included on a proposal selected for presentation at the Conference must agree to the official Terms & Conditions of Show Management. A sample standard session presenter Terms & Conditions agreement is included in the Proposal Submission Guidelines. Presenter Terms & Conditions agreements will be provided to all provisionally accepted presenters. The Terms & Conditions outline all of the specifics of the presentation, including the date and time, session delivery format, a video recording release, and other binding provisions. Terms & Conditions language is standard for all presenters and wording cannot be revised. If your proposal is selected, please be certain that you are able to agree to all Terms & Conditions before signing.  

Standard Presentations: All accepted presenters (maximum four) will receive a complimentary in-person or virtual Full Conference Registration after all Terms & Conditions agreements have been signed.

Promotional Presentations:  All organizations agree that, if selected, they will either - purchase and staff one or more exhibit spaces at the Conference, or purchase a full conference registration for each presenter. Accepted presenters will receive complimentary conference registrations only if their organization purchases an exhibit space. Promotional sessions selected will not be officially confirmed until exhibit spaces or presenter registrations are paid in full. Cancellation of the exhibit space or presenter registration(s) will result in the session also being cancelled.

All Potential Presenters: Do not register for the Conference prior to learning the acceptance status of your proposal on September 7, 2022.  

A limited number of hotel rooms will be set aside specifically for presenters to purchase and may be accessed after the sessions are finalized and Terms & Conditions have been signed. Do not reserve a hotel room prior to learning the acceptance status of your proposal. Discounted hotel reservations are available to presenters from September 7-23 only.

Complimentary Conference registrations are non-transferable. If a presenter change is necessary, a written request must be completed on the official Presenter Substitution Request Form and reviewed by the Conference Planning Committee. If approved, the previous presenter’s Terms & Conditions agreement will be voided and a new agreement will be issued to the new presenter. If the proposed presenter is not approved, the presentation may be cancelled.