Supporting English Learners in a Manageable and Sustainable Way: Every Student Every Day

Wednesday February 7, 2024
3:30 - 5:00 PM
Virtual Workshop 3

English Learners are one of the fastest growing populations in our nation's schools yet most educators have not had the opportunity to explore deeply instructional strategies that support the very students who are sitting in our classrooms. What are the Best Practice ways to support differentiation in a MANAGEABLE and SUSTAINABLE way that allows for content comprehension regardless of language ability? This interactive workshop will allow participants an opportunity to participate in equitable, content-based structure activities that focus not only on reading and writing but also listening and speaking ACADEMIC vocabulary. Participants will learn why "EVERY STUDENT EVERY DAY" is so critical to student success and techniques on how to achieve this. As a group, we will reflect on how cultural schema impacts learning and how to use this as an asset. Real examples from the classroom will be shown! We will also tie in Title III to show how one district effective used their funds.

Virtual Workshop
classroom leaders
, differentiated instruction