Dr. Ventura Rodriguez

National Comprehensive Center Partner
Education Resource Strategies

Dr. Ventura Rodriguez joined ERS as a partner in September 2021. Since joining ERS, he has led numerous partnerships with school districts and state education agencies. Recent projects include conducting a resource diagnostic in the Metro Nashville Public Schools to support the alignment of resources to a multi-year strategy, developing an elementary scheduling and staffing guide for the Nebraska Department of Education, supporting Dallas ISD’s Racial Equity Working Group, and partnering with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to support a cohort of seven high schools to redesign their schedules and staffing plans aligned to priorities for student experiences. Ventura also leads ERS' State Practice Area. In this role, he supports ERS’ work to enable the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of effective and ambitious state-level policies that create critical enabling conditions for school and system leaders to transform how they use resources (people, time, and money) to support schools and students.