Lifting Up Families Through Family Literacy Practices

Friday February 3, 2023
8:00 - 9:30 AM
Room 140-142

In this workshop participants will become familiar with a theoretical framework to design and implement a family literacy program in their school district. Participants will explore how to use data to evaluate home family practices and design safety nets for students and families. The focus will be on strategies and resources that teachers and school leaders can use strategically to enrich literacy practices at home and increase the frequency and quality of parent and child interactions by providing a program aligned to their district’s plan with an emphasis on improving home literacy environments (HLE) and home numeracy environments (HNE). Participants will be afforded opportunities to engage in a thoughtful reflection to identify best practices to improve students’ oral language skills, the development of phonemic awareness, and foundational skills in numeracy. These skills are the building blocks to create functional readers and lifelong learners.

In-Person Workshop
classroom leaders
evidence based practices