Lori Vandeborne

Subject Matter Expert
Region 7 Comprehensive Center

Lori Vandeborne has worked in education from the preschool to high school levels as an elementary and special education teacher, grades PK–12 building administrator, instructional coach, educational consultant, and career technology drop-out recovery and prevention school director. Ms. Vandeborne gained a regional perspective while coaching cohorts of superintendents and their leadership teams to develop and implement district mission, vision, and belief systems. Throughout her years of practice, she has led and participated on teams who have written, designed, and implemented grants and strategic plans in the areas of compliance practices with laws and rules, math and reading literacy, culture improvement, technology integration, personalized instruction, problem based learning, instructional strategy evaluations, workforce development, leadership development, response to intervention, parent involvement, college and career pathways, as well as the community development of a portrait of a graduate. Ms. Vandeborne’s wide range of experience provides her with a comprehensive understanding of academic content, learning progressions, district and building level culture, and instructional and leadership improvement best practices.