Carol Taylor-Shim

Executive Diversity and Inclusion Officer
University of Kentucky

During her 28-year social work career, Carol Taylor-Shim has become a nationally known equity and inclusion practitioner and consultant with more than 16 years of experience in social and racial justice work, specifically in child welfare and higher education. She has spent her career working to support and advocate for those most impacted by institutional and structural oppression, racism, and marginalization. As a queer woman of color Carol’s passion for social and racial justice advocacy and activism anchored in intersectionality and the multiplicity of oppression. She is an award-winning social worker and was recently presented the inaugural Carol Taylor-Shim Award for Outstanding Equity and Inclusion Work by the Graduate Student Congress at the University of Kentucky. She received her BS in Justice Administration from the University of Louisville and her MSW from the University of Kentucky. Carol currently serves as the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Office of the Vice-President for Student Success at the University of Kentucky. In this capacity, Carol is responsible for leading a collective of 400 staff through an organizational transformation centered on demonstrating a commitment to equity.