Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity: Addressing Success Gaps in Our Schools and Districts

Wednesday January 30, 2019
9:30 - 11:00 AM

How do we fulfill the promise of federal programs for disadvantaged students? How do we help every student succeed? The presenters discuss a five-step process guided by the IDEA Data Center’s Success Gaps Toolkit to help accomplish this. The steps are: (1) use data to identify groups of students who experience educational “success gaps” in areas such as attendance, graduation, test scores, discipline, and class placement; (2) create a team of educators, parents, students, and community members focused on the groups experiencing the gaps; school or district leaders capable of implementing change; and data experts; (3) use local data to identify factors that promote or – if absent–detract from equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all students; (4) create action plans to address identified negative factors; and (5) implement the action plans over time, with structures in place to maintain a focus on data and the groups affected by success gaps. Come experience the process!

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building leaders
data decision, Title I-A, Title II-A, Title IV-A