Engaging and Valuing English Language Learners

Wednesday January 30, 2019
12:30 - 1:30 PM
Grand Ballroom 2501 A

If language and achievement gaps are to be closed, as well-informed educators, we must step forward and examine our values and behaviors and the policies and practices of our classrooms and schools. We can make a difference for our students and their communities when we listen to who our students say they are and what they need. Too often our needs or the needs of the school system take precedent. In this thought provoking, interactive session, Sheri King, Director of Federal Programs, Liberal, KS, will reveal classroom tested best practice strategies to use with English learners within the various levels of language acquisitions. We will examine the 5 stages of language development from the Silent Stage to Advance Fluency. You will learn about the "Super 7" strategies that will guide educators with instructional practice and delivery strategies that intentionally support all students in their listening, speaking, reading and writing across all content areas.

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classroom leaders
evidence based practices, Title I-A, Title I-A, Title III-A, Title IV-A