ESEA Network is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and staff. All presenters are expected to understand and follow presenter policies.

Each presenter included on a proposal selected for presentation at the Conference must agree to the official terms & conditions of the Conference management company. A sample presenter terms & conditions agreement is included in the Proposal Submission Guidelines. The terms outline all of the specifics of the presentation, including the date and time, assigned room and its set up, audio visual equipment included, a video recording release, and other binding provisions. Terms & conditions language is standard for all presenters and wording cannot be revised. Before submitting a proposal, please be certain that you are able to agree to all terms & conditions if your proposal is selected.

Complimentary Conference registrations are non-transferable. If a presenter change is necessary, a written request must be completed on the official Presenter Substitution Request Form and reviewed by the Conference Committee. If approved, the previous presenter’s terms & conditions agreement will be voided and a new agreement will be issued to the new presenter. If the proposed presenter is not approved, the presentation will be cancelled.

All accepted presenters (maximum four) receive a complimentary Full Conference Registration.

Do not register for the Conference prior to learning the acceptance status of your proposal on September 8, 2020.

  • A number of hotel rooms are set aside specifically for presenters and may be accessed after the complimentary registration has been assigned. Do not reserve a hotel room prior to learning the acceptance status of your proposal.
  • Hotel reservations within the Conference block are available on a first-come, first-reserved basis at specially negotiated Conference rates.
  • Room rates are charged at a flat rate; all locally mandated taxes and fees have been paid in advance by the Conference and are not directly charged to presenters.
  • All hotel reservations must be paid in full via the individual presenter account to be confirmed.

  • Paid hotel reservations for presenters are subject to the same refund policies as all attendees.
  • Hotel cancellations or changes to an existing hotel reservation, may be requested by submitting the official Presenter Hotel Cancellation or Adjustment Request Form.
  • A reduction in the number of nights of a hotel stay is a cancellation of each reduced night and refund policies apply to any paid reservations.
  • Hotel reservations may be moved from one Conference property to another at any time, subject to availability. A $35 change fee will apply to all reservation move requests received more than seven (7) calendar days after payment.
  • Please note that cancellations are deemed eligible for a refund based on the date the cancellation form is submitted. Phone calls and emails are not acceptable forms of notification.
  • The Conference cancellation policy applies to full reservation cancellations as well as each individual night cancelled when reducing a hotel stay. Refunds are granted for presenter hotel reservations, based on the following sliding scale:
Cancellation ReceivedAmount Refunded
Within 7 days of purchase 100% Refund - Buyer's Remorse
May - September 90% Refund
October 75% Refund
November 50% Refund
December - February No Refund