What Do Good Magicians and Great Teachers Have in Common? They Both Know How to Trick the Brain!

Thursday February 8, 2018
10:00 - 11:00 AM
Room 103

Have you ever wondered how magic tricks work? They work because our brains have a hardwired process for attention that is easily hacked into! A good magician knows this and takes full advantage of it, as do great teachers! Understanding how to successfully navigate the minds of our students allows us to take advantage of ongoing discoveries that today’s brain science offers, particularly in the area of early literacy instruction. Journey through the brain’s backdoor to hack our hardwired system for learning with instructional tools that target the affective learning domain, and take advantage of invaluable learning loopholes rooted in the brain’s plasticity. Increase early (and struggling) learner-momentum in both reading and writing far beyond simple decoding by accessing alternative, neural pathways to embed abstract (phonics) skills within already familiar, social and emotional learner frameworks. Harness the power of "what’s used together becoming fused together" in the brain, and take away multi-layered, instructional tools that will leave you armed and ready for Monday morning!


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classroom leaders
neuroscience, reading & writing