Innovative 1:1 Virtual Tutoring: An Effective Program Design to Drive Measured Outcomes

Thursday February 23, 2017
9:15 - 9:45 AM
Exhibit Stage 101

Join FEV Tutor and Silverado High School to learn how live, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring provides an innovative program design that can be utilized to address multiple need areas across grade levels. Principal Heather Conkle will explain how her school partnered with FEV to deliver online tutoring during the school day and after school designed to bridge skill gaps, raise A-G certification, and increase student graduation rates. Together we will review SHS's intervention program delivered to Integrated Math 1 Math Students and SAT Prep tutoring in support of high performing AVID and Title I Students. Conkle will share the real-world outcomes of the tutoring program, including the boost in quarterly grades and test scores for students who participated in the virtual tutoring program.

title I success stories, college readiness, differentiated