Supporting Multilingual Learners Though Regional Comprehensive Centers

Thursday February 8, 2024
3:45 - 4:45 PM
Oregon Ballroom 201

Multilingual learners (MLs) are one of the fastest growing student populations in the U.S., and federally funded Regional Comprehensive Centers (RCC) are here to help SEAs and LEAs improve relevant policies and practices to best support these students. Join panelists as they describe collaboration between RCCs and Hawai’i, Nebraska, and Alabama around three innovative initiatives that benefit MLs. These initiatives include the implementation of policies to strengthen educators’ knowledge, skills, and use of culturally sustaining instructional materials; a new model that uses data and evidence-based practices to improve teacher practice; and a new framework that provides more equitable opportunities for MLs. Gain real-world examples, helpful insights, and unique perspectives that can help shed light on the diverse opportunities available to SEAs and LEAs.

In-person Lecture
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