Supporting Equitable Services Through a Web-Based Registration System: Let Missouri Show You!

Thursday February 8, 2024
1:45 - 2:45 PM
Oregon Ballroom 203

The state of Missouri has a web-based system which allows nonpublic schools to enter information needed to participate in federal programs. The Nonpublic Registration (NPR) system is a two-step process which involves officials from both public and nonpublic schools. In the fall of every year, nonpublic school officials enter enrollment, economic deprivation method and count as well as other data. Public school districts then review and verifiy reported data and either accept or decline information based on the outcome of their review. A back and forth exchange happens between public and nonpublic schools with the goal of all data being accepted. The results are then what the public school uses in order to know who they must consult with and potentially provide services to for all Titles with equitable services requirements. Come learn more about what the Nonpublic Registration system has to offer.

In-person Lecture
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private schools, data decision