Students Experiencing Homelessness: Break Down Barriers to Create Change and Opportunity

Friday February 9, 2024
9:30 - 11:00 AM
Virtual Workshop 3

McKinney Vento liaisons supporting the students in their districts experiencing homelessness are adept at: crisis response, trauma informed care, mental health awareness, advocacy skills and building connections. Students experiencing homelessness need the support of teachers, administrators, superintendents, nutrition staff, bus drivers and nurses; all have a role to play in supporting students who are experiencing homelessness, unhoused, experiencing food scarcity and unaccompanied youth. Every student has a story; those of us working in the school have opportunities to increase their ability to access learning, break down barriers to educational attainment and full participation in the school community. This presentation will create spaces for dialogue to share both innovative ways districts are supporting students,and provide space to figure out how to break down barriers for students and families thus the workshop format can provide a place for discussion among participants.

Virtual Workshop
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