Simplifying Language to Improve Family Engagement, Access, and Equity

Friday February 9, 2024
12:00 - 1:30 PM

Learn and practice 15 skills to simplify and improve spoken and written communication with diverse families. This is an immediately actionable piece of equity that impacts families being informed and engaged. Many families from diverse language and academic backgrounds cannot have direct conversations with school staff or quickly understand written communication they receive. Even translations are inaccessible when language isn’t simplified first. And translation and interpretation aren't always available, so simplifying language is essential. Simplifying writing often reduces text by 25-40% without changing content. This can significantly reduce costs. We will discuss the challenges and impact on your school or district. You will practice the skills in small groups, without "dumbing it down". This is for anyone who communicates with families through speaking or writing. You will never see communication the same after this training!

In-Person Promo Workshop
classroom leaders
diversity, equity, inclusion