Reimagining Resilience: Using a Trauma Lens

Thursday February 8, 2024
9:30 - 11:00 AM
Virtual Workshop 3

The ongoing impacts of COVID, civil rights uprisings, and climate crisis have brought attention to the trauma young people and our communities face. Our workshop centers on these questions: How can we harness brain science and more equitable practices to support those who have been impacted by trauma? How can we shift from reactive responses towards creating proactive communities of belonging and connection in our schools? How do we move away from adults leveraging their power over students to build compliance and cooperation? How do we move towards a more equitable education system that relies on students having voice in their education? This session introduces and expands on foundational concepts like the ACEs study, Neuroscience, and Adlerian psychology to provide both theory and practice. We also explore how power and equity shape our relationships and classroom and school communities.

Virtual Workshop
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