CANCELLED Leveraging the Linguistic and Cultural Strengths of Recently Arrived Multilingual Learners

Thursday February 8, 2024
2:00 - 3:30 PM
Virtual Workshop 6

This presentation is a workshop for educators who support recently arrived multilingual learners, also known as Newcomers. Using research on best practices, participants will engage in hands-on activities to build cultural competence to strategically welcome Newcomers into our schools, leverage their linguistic and cultural strengths, and support them in learning content and language simultaneously. Participants will walk away with high-yield strategies for welcoming Newcomers and their families into the school community; a deeper understanding of ways to get to know their students’ linguistic and cultural strengths and backgrounds; the conversational capacity to address colleagues’ misconceptions regarding the education of recently arrived students; and a comprehensive plan to welcome, know, and support the Newcomers in their own learning environments.

In-person Workshop
classroom leaders
, diversity, equity, inclusion