Leveraging School Site Council to Promote School Connectedness

Wednesday February 7, 2024
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

This presentation/workshop will go through the steps of how one high school used data from incidents of racism, bullying, and poor student social connections, to create grade-level activities to foster a sense of school connectedness for all students. Presentation will model a student-led School Site Council and how one school addressed school culture through grade-level supplemental activities. Relevant for learning more on SPSA, SSC, and use of Title I funds to improve student performance and school culture. Student interviews and student survey data will be shared.

Elizabeth Hernandez

I have over ten years managing categorical programs at both the site and district levels. I understand the complexities and regulations that come with overseeing Title I-IV, VI, and Migrant Education grants. At Santa Rosa City Schools, I coordinated compliance for all federal funds including ESSER and Expanded Learning Opportunities grants. While leading from a strength in compliance, my primary role in the Office of State and Federal Programs has always been to provide support and guidance to site administrators and staff. Principals find me to be both friendly and knowledgeable as I support their sites with School Plans for Student Achievement, position control, and data analysis for student achievement. In 2020-2021, I coordinated Santa Rosa City Schools’ 2020 Federal Program Monitoring review where I successfully advised sites and district offices in the areas of accountability while serving as the lead district communicator with the CDE. In previous leadership experiences, including assistant principal, TOSA, and site categorical coordinator, I have extensive experience in overseeing and reviewing instructional leadership and program evaluation. In my site leadership experience at four comprehensive high schools, I have led stakeholders through the process of data-driven decision making and team building to provide the highest quality programs for differently-abled learners. Working with stakeholders, I have organized and led the District Advisory Council, School Site Council and ELAC committees, while also contributing to the DELAC for two large districts. In all of these roles, I remain persistent in promoting equitable learning opportunities for all students while listening carefully to parents, staff, and community stakeholders.

In-person Workshop
classroom leaders
data decision