Hello, Are You Still There?

Wednesday February 7, 2024
4:15 - 5:15 PM
Oregon Ballroom 201

This session is designed to ignite hope and build the capacity of all stakeholders to report to duty armed with the growth mindset of what is possible. Yes, achievement gaps exist. Yes there are larger classroom sizes. Yes, offices are short staffed, but there is also an influx of federal funds to allow for innovation like never before and a digital platform that has increased opportunities to explore and navigate untapped resources. The Collective Impact Model will be shared, which is an approach that calls for multiple stakeholders, offices, organizations or entities to abandon individual agendas in hopes to develop one common agenda for solving the achievement gap problem by using effective and efficient collaboration. Additionally, the presenter will share how the Collective Impact Model positively impacted Parent and Family Engagement, 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the McKinney Vento Program in Louisiana.

In-person Lecture
classroom leaders