Collaborative Approach to Build Teacher Leadership and Innovate the Education Workforce

Thursday February 8, 2024
9:45 - 10:45 AM
Oregon Ballroom 201

Who are the effective leaders in your school, district, or organization? How would your climate and culture improve through more distributed leadership? The Region 15 Comprehensive Center, a federally funded technical assistance center, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, and Arizona State University- investigated how a distributed leadership model could improve classroom culture, increase educator recruitment and retention, and lead to improved student outcomes. This session will feature broad research on the impacts of teacher leadership. It will also highlight the potential for state education agencies (SEAs), institutes of higher education (IHEs) and regional comprehensive centers (RCCs) to collaborate in support of local education agencies (LEAs), leveraging federal funding to build effective classroom models. Participants will gain an understanding of the possibilities to innovate educator workforce models through teacher leadership.

In-person Lecture
classroom leaders
, school climate culture