CANCELLED: The Many Faces of Data

Thursday February 2, 2023
12:45 - 1:45 PM
Room 107-110

As educators, we have so many ways to lift up our students to allow them to realize their full potential. Within these possibilities, we may occasionally discover an opportunity missed. When considering the confidence, sense of belonging, personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills of our youngest learners, we perhaps don’t seize every opportunity. We must focus on the important areas of growth and ensure we have data that allows us to tell our stories of achievement, well-being and love for school and learning. Through the stories, faces, dreams and, yes, data generated from the responses of our learners and leaders, Leader in Me provides a research-based opportunity to link pivotal data to an often “hidden curriculum.” Come and meet some of our youngest leaders through story and survey the strategies available to us. Most importantly, consider the unique sets of data that are used and regularly revisited in order to best meet the needs of the whole child.

In-Person Promo Lecture
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Social Emotional Learning