Define Your Conditions for Success and Watch Every Project Succeed!

Wednesday February 1, 2023
3:30 - 5:00 PM
Virtual Workshop Room 2

Have you wondered why some projects you lead show better results than others? We wondered that too as we managed an active annual portfolio of 45+ projects, across 7 states, with teams in over 18 organizations all working remotely! A concept we coined called the Conditions for Successful Projects (CSPs) is applicable across projects regardless of their size, scope, or whether they are implemented at the Federal, state, or local level. We will highlight our work with 2 schools in Arkansas and 3 in Virginia, as well as ongoing work with divisions in Virginia, to create opportunities to build a strong continuous improvement school model. There will be facilitated opportunities for you to try some of our CSP resources in the context of your own projects. We will invite you to an active open virtual Community of Practice where you can access a whole toolkit of resources and templates with facilitators who can support you as you try them in your own work long after the session.

Virtual Workshop
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