The 10 Fitness Principles of the Fitness Principal

Tuesday February 9, 2021
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Lecture 3

This lively, humorous, and informative presentation focuses on ways in which school leaders can maximize the efficiency and success in their classroom or school by focusing on 10 simple lifestyle choices that will have a major impact on their lives and on the learning that takes place in their classrooms and schools. I have been to many conferences and trainings and workshops in my 28 years as an educator and 20 years as an administrator. Very rarely have I heard anyone speak on the relationship between a successful classroom/school and the health and happiness of the leader of that classroom/school. It has been my experience that the best builders of relationships with young people are also my happiest and healthiest teachers. My impact as a school leader is always at its peak efficiency when I am feeling my best. These 10 principles are easy to adhere and the difference they will make in your classroom and school will be significantly measurable.

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