Effective Leadership: Shifting Adult Mind-Set and the use of Data to Drive Decisions

Wednesday February 10, 2021
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Lecture 5

Equal Opportunity Schools will facilitate a discussion with District Leaders on what they have learned about adult mindset-shifts and perceived barriers that have kept students of color and low-income students from participating, on an equitable level, in rigorous courses. This presentation starts with audience members participating in a small group exercise reviewing Student Insight Cards (SIC). It then pivots to highlight how adult mindset-shifts contributes to being an Effective Leader at both the district and school level; how incorporating available tools, supports, and resources positively affects academic standards and assessments; and specifically how SIC and other online data-based analysis strengthens Data-driven Decisions. The leaders will share their school specific ESEA Success Stories. Attendees will leave this session with actionable next steps that can be deployed immediately to increase the level of participation in rigorous courses at their high schools.

Dr. Nick Wahl

Dr. Wahl has served public schools for 31 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, building principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent of schools. He has been a champion for giving students and adults second chances. In addition, his hallmark as an administrator is to expand opportunities for students. He has never believed that one size fits all as it relates to students and teachers in their experiences in the school environment. Nick has served as a superintendent of schools for in suburban Chicago for 11 years and suburban Indianapolis for 5 years. In his time as superintendent, he engaged all stakeholder groups in the having a voice in the strategic planning process. This process was laser focused on student-centered decision making by looking at the well-being of students and that interaction with student achievement. This holistic approach embedded social-emotional learning as part of the daily instructional practice which fostered a collaborative culture of learning. Nick earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University, Masters of Science degree from Purdue University and Doctoral degree from National Louis University in Chicago. He continues to practice “doing things with people, not to them” as he champions the EOS cause to increase opportunities afforded to low-income students and students of color as a Superintendent-in-Residence. He believes EOS gives students “keys to doors of opportunity that they did not even know existed.”

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