Built For This: Establishing a Structure that Supports SEL for the Total School Community

Tuesday February 9, 2021
1:00 - 2:30 PM
Workshop 2

Built For This: Establishing a Structure that Supports Social-Emotional Learning for the Entire School Community.This is an interactive session in which City View Elementary will demonstrate how they address the whole child and total school community. Come see how they continually work on building a strong climate and culture by supporting teachers, parents and the community. Find out how City View addresses the needs of each teacher, each student, and each parent. The presenters will share a variety of research-based strategies that they implement to address the needs of the total school community. These strategies include, but are not limited to: Social-emotional learning for all, PBIS, student enrichment, parent engagement, differentiated professional development, teacher retention, food pantry, student government and other student-led activities. Learn how to put new and existing strategies together to address the students needs and support the total school community.

Barbara Swinney

An educational leader of more than 20 years, Dr. Swinney has served teachers, students, parents, business leaders, and communities in the role teacher, principal, and Assistant Superintendent. She has collaborated with board members, county commissioners, state representatives, and district and local school leaders to ensure improved teaching and learning in an effort to promote the future health and wealth of the total school community. Her career has allowed her to support leaders in establishing and clarifying their vision and aligning goals so that they are able to expand their capacity to serve their communities and live their purpose from any position. Combining her experience as a leader, her gifts as a visionary, and her ability to inspire others to see things differently, she founded BSI Consulting, LLC, a Life and Leadership Coaching Firm. A John Maxwell Certified Personal Leadership Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Author of the book, “It’s Always DEEPER” and “Leading the DEEPER Way”, Dr. Swinney is focused on the personal and professional success of leaders; and helping driven people live a more fulfilled life by inspiring transformational thinking, leadership, and personal growth. Though her experience has been vast and essential to the evolution in educational leadership, Dr. Swinney considers her most important work to be raising her two daughters, a 20-year-old college senior and high school sophomore. She balances her work life by spending time with her family and playing tennis with her Championship Tennis Team.

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