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'WHY' Matters! Leveraging the Science of Learning to Shift Student Success Trajectory

"Why did they do that? And why did I follow with that response?" Newton's ‘Action-Reaction’ Law is often apparent in the classroom, even though educators are equipped with evidence-based practices for leading instruction. Recommended strategies can be simple to execute under the best of circumstances, but when challenges arise, the natural human tendency is to allow the emotional brain to inform responses to those challenges...and to abandon validated educator moves. The good news is that when we understand the brain-based ‘why’ behind those best practices, we are more likely to apply them with fidelity. Unforgettable object lessons will be used to illustrate how educational neuroscience provides the 'why' that grounds pedagogy. Attendees will explore the connection of the science of learning with specific educational practices. Take away additional resources for 25 Best Practices that are designed to remove barriers for all learners. Don't miss this session!

This talk was presented at:
2023 National ESEA Conference
February 2023 in Indianapolis, IN
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Tammy Pawloski

Tammy Pawloski has served since 2004 as the director of The Francis Marion University Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty (, and the content of this presentation is based on more than 18 years of research and practice conducted in schools that serve students who arrive with limited resources. Pawloski has facilitated more than 1,900 presentations across the nation, including keynote addresses and plenary sessions at national and state conferences, as well as sustained school-level projects that focus on implementation of specific actionable steps grounded by the science of learning. Pawloski is a noted expert because of her breadth of knowledge; however what resonates most with teachers and school leaders is her ability to deliver an uncommon combination of research, practice, and compelling stories from the field that both empower and challenge.