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The Science of Reading and Equitable Dyslexia Practices

The Science of Reading is a body of scientifically-based research about reading and writing and issues related to it. School administrators, teachers, and parents have the unfortunate experience of bearing witness to students' reading struggles. It is critical that all contributors in the process of educating kids are knowledgeable, capable, and eligible to make determinations in order to ensure student success. All students should be taught to read and learning to read is a right afforded to them as people. When a student is struggling, even after all the access and instruction afforded him/her, it is up to a collective group to examine that struggle a bit closer. But what collaborative group determines that access? Who's affordability results in reading proficiency? What are some of those barriers to teaching reading and for student's reading acquisition? Some may view this struggle in silos instead of delving into the complexity that defines our "why."

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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DeJunne' Jackson

DeJunne’ Clark Jackson, among other achievements, is a Certified Academic Language Therapist and nationally credentialed AET Educational Therapist. As a former classroom teacher and school counselor, DeJunne’ has had the opportunity to work with a myriad of students with general and specific needs. She is most impassioned about the advocacy she’s curated surrounding dyslexia awareness, early identification, and remediation. DeJunne' is a state leader with the advocacy group Decoding Dyslexia Louisiana, serves as the President of The Reading League Louisiana, and is the Vice President of Program Development with the Center for Development and Learning. As the founder of Learning Fundamentals Educational Therapy & Consulting, Jackson specializes in training and awareness development for parents, educators, and employers surrounding neurodiversity and equity offering proven cooperative strategies and methods for inclusivity. Her transformative resources help everyday people get the knowledge base needed to affect change.

Alana Mangham

Alana Mangham, M.S., is the Literacy Specialist at the Center for Development and Learning, a member of Louisiana’s Early Literacy Commission, the Reading League Louisiana chapter’s vice president, and an advisory board member for Heggerty curriculum. She has taught in both New York City and Louisiana. Her work in Rapides Parish as the ELA curriculum specialist gained national attention by EAB in “Narrowing the Third Grade Reading Gap.” and has been an Education Week guest alongside Dr. Louisa Moats. Alana holds several trainer certifications such as the Data Team Process, Common Formative Assessments, and DIBELS. She also holds a local certificate in LETRS (Language Essentials of Teachers of Reading and Spelling).