Save 20% on Meals with Conference Dining Credits



Dining cards will be available for purchase at the Conference, at a 20% discount.  Dining cards sold on site at the Conference must be purchased using cash only. 

*Dining cards are no longer available through your account Dashboard.



Dining Credit FAQs


Q: How much do dining cards cost and what are they worth?

A: Dining cards are available in $25 increments.  Select any combination of $25, $50, $100, and $200 values and pay only $20 for each $25 worth of dining credits you purchase.        


Q: What types of food and beverages can I purchase at a discount with my dining credits?

A: A variety of conveniently located dining options will be available each day of the Conference, offering selections such as Subway sandwiches, pizza, sushi, rice bowls, salads, and much more. Pre-purchased dining credits may be used towards the purchase of any food or beverage items from any dining outlet inside the Georgia World Congress Center. 


Q: Where do I purchase dining cards?

A: Available for purchase at the Conference, at a 20% discount.  Dining cards sold on site at the Conference must be purchased using cash only.  It is too late to purchase dining cards through your account.

Q: When will I receive my dining credits and how do I use them?

A: Pre-purchased dining credits will be provided at attendee check-in at the registration counter.  Similar to a gift card, dining credits are presented when making a meal, snack, or beverage purchase inside the Georgia World Congress Center. Sorry, lost cards cannot be replaced.


Q: How many dining credits may I purchase?

A: Each attendee may purchase as many dining credits as they like, until quantities run out. Dining credits are only available to attendees with Conference registration or exhibitors with an exhibit space and are only confirmed upon payment in full.  


Q: Can my dining credits be combined with other forms of payment, when making a purchase?

A: Yes. For example, if you have $1.00 in dining credits remaining and wish to purchase a $3.00 bottle of water, you can use the $1.00 credit and pay the $2.00 balance, plus sales tax, with cash or credit card.


Q: Can I check my dining credit balance?

A: Yes. The sales receipt you receive after each purchase will show the amount of remaining credit available.


Q: What if I don't spend all of the money on my dining cards?

A:  No refunds are available on any unused card balance.  Dining cards with leftover balances may be returned at the regsitration counter for donation to a non-profit food rescue organization whose mission is to reduce hunger and food waste in the Altanta area.


Q: Can I buy dining credits when I get to Atlanta?

A: Yes, dining cards will be sold (cash only) at the Georgia World Congress Center, at a 20% discount. 


Q: What about refunds?

A: Pre-purchased dining credits adhere to the same sliding scale refund and cancellation policy as Conference registrations - see below.  No refunds on lost dining cards or unused balances remaining on cards after the Conference. 


If you cannot attend the Conference and there is no other individual to attend in your place, you may cancel your participation by Submitting this Cancellation Form. Please carefully review the cancellation policy to ensure you are aware of timing and refunds available. The conference cancellation policy applies to full reservation cancellations as well as each individual night cancelled when reducing a hotel stay. Refunds are granted for all attendee purchases, including registration, dining credits and hotel reservations, based on the following sliding scale shown below. Please note that cancellations are deemed eligible for a refund based on the date the cancellation form is submitted. Phone calls and emails are not acceptable forms of notification.

Cancellation Received   

Amount Refunded

Within 7 days of purchase                   

100% Refund - Buyer's Remorse

May - September

90% Refund   


75% Refund                       


50% Refund   

December - February

No Refund