The Strategic Partner Report Card-A Program Evaluation Model for Federally-Funded Programs

Tuesday February 9, 2021
1:00 - 2:30 PM
Workshop 4

Program evaluation for federally funded programs can be a challenge. This session will simplify the evaluation process of federally funded external service providers and partners with the use of the Strategic Partner Report Card. Participants will gain the following and knowledge and skills:

1. Identify challenges to evaluate federally funded programs and external service providers. 
2. Learn how to dissect the essential evaluation components from service provider contracts and MOU's to include in the evaluation process. 
3. Identify available data sources within the school district to collect, analyze, and review to maximize and measure the effectiveness of the evaluation process.
4. Review the data analysis process to determine if service providers' performance met the goals, purpose, and intent of the federally-funded program.
5. Use of survey tools and data to support the qualitative evaluation of program and service performance
6. Facilitate review of service providers' performance.

district leaders
data decision