Talk, Laugh, and Learn - Adding the Human Element to the Language Learning Environment

Wednesday February 10, 2021
3:15 - 4:15 PM
Lecture 2

All students can master the words they need to succeed in school, but we must recognize that academic language is not mastered quickly or in isolation. These unfamiliar words must be learned over time. Mastery requires multiple, varied exposures, and an opportunity to practice in a safe, language-rich environment. Imagine three students, shoulder-to-shoulder, heads down, observing and talking about an array of interesting pictures. They offer detailed descriptions, share personal stories, and work together to connect the images to a list of new words they are attempting to master. They explore word meaning, word usage, write stories, and play games…together. They talk, they laugh, and they learn in community with each other. Discover simple strategies and tools for building highly effective small learning communities within the classroom. All learning, including virtual learning must incorporate the human element of connecting with others.

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