Resilience From the Ground Up: Creating a School Family

Wednesday February 10, 2021
3:15 - 4:15 PM
Lecture 5

Education in the U.S. was built on a factory model designed to prepare children for a service-oriented, agrarian and industrial economy. We must shift this paradigm if we are to achieve the emotional intelligence, academic achievement, higher-order thinking skills, resiliency and equity essential to success in the current era of innovation and technology. The School Family accomplishes this shift. It replaces outdated systems with a comprehensive, proven, neurodevelopmentally-sound approach based on safety, connection and mutual problem solving. Learn how a School Family nourishes a soil from which the seeds of resilience, cooperation, emotional regulation, executive skill development and academic success can grow. Explore successful school implementation and learn immediate steps for cultivating the shift from the factory model of yesterday to an inclusive cooperative system that increases resilience and closes social-emotional and academic skill gaps to create a brighter tomorrow.

classroom leaders
school improvement