Planning for Student Learning When Schools Close: Centering on Evidence and Equity

Monday February 8, 2021
4:30 - 6:00 PM
Workshop 5

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the opportunity for schools, districts, and states to revisit their continuity of learning plans. Educators must be prepared to pivot with little notice to support student learning when schools close. Challenges to supporting student learning during these times are exacerbated by inequities faced by students, their families, and their communities. “Educating for tomorrow” requires planning for continuity of learning today. Using interactive activities, this workshop will explore (1) lessons learned from COVID-19 school closures; (2) promising, evidence-informed practices to support remote learning; (3) strategies for addressing educational equity during remote learning times; and (4) opportunities to engage families, community organizations, and businesses. Participants are encouraged to attend this session as teams to reflect on ways to improve their continuity of learning plans with evidence and experience from the field.

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