Mental Health in Schools: How Can Educators Support Students Dealing with Mental Illness?

Monday February 8, 2021
2:45 - 3:45 PM
Lecture 4

Schools are being inundated with cases of anxiety. The dramatic increase in attention being paid to the illness has reduced the stigma associated with it, however, a lack of understanding how best to support those suffering, has resulted in little gains for schools and increased stress and anxiety for students. Based on the book, Anxious, participants will look at the primitive needs for anxiety and examine practical strategies educators can use to support those suffering from the illness and their families. Prioritizing the major issues facing students today, participants will succeed in building trust, providing support, and ultimately helping students access the curriculum. Participants will:

     1. Examine what anxiety is, how it can look differently for so many sufferers, and why it is exacerbated in young adults.
     2. Hear directly from students about their experiences with anxiety in the classroom.
     3. Learn numerous practical strategies to use in and out of the classroom.

classroom leaders
well rounded education