Learning the Learners: The Work Is In Y.O.U

Monday February 8, 2021
2:45 - 4:15 PM
Workshop 4

Learning the Learners: The Work Is In Y.O.U. (Yielding to Biases,Overcoming Challenges, Understanding Situations) This course is designed to familiarize local school and district leaders with the strategies to leverage available resources to tackle the day to day challenges of educating at risk youth in order to fully understand their needs and effectively manage educational barriers to their success. This course will empower educators with the knowledge and skills that will better equip them to establish meaningful relationships with students, effective partnership with parents and access community support systems. This work can impact school climate, influence school culture, help address and manage student behavior. The objective is to arm educators with an adaptable framework to create the momentum and sustainable practices that increase overall student success and reaffirm that the work is in Y.O.U! (Yielding to Biases, Overcoming Challenges, Understanding Situations)

classroom leaders