KEYNOTE - How to Be Positive, Balanced, and Productive Despite Sudden Change

Monday February 8, 2021
9:45 - 11:00 AM
Keynote Theater

This year brought sudden, drastic, and pervasive changes. Our country and the world have been shattered by a pandemic. People have lost jobs and loved ones. Mental fatigue, turmoil, and the overall decline of everyday life characterize the impact of COVID-19. As educators, some of us—maybe more of us than we want to admit—find ourselves anxious, stressed, and emotionally overwhelmed. The shift from broad-based in-person education to entirely remote, virtual instruction and hybrid schedules, has made the always worthy challenge of educating our students and leading our staff exponentially more so. During this opening keynote, educators will learn techniques to be positive, balanced, and productive while reaching, teaching, and motivating students to perform and be their best. Leaders will walk away feeling re- energized. This session will remind you of what initially inspired you and drew you into this noble, yet under-recognized and under-appreciated profession. You will be urged to have a growth mindset—not a fixed mindset—while engaging with students. Despite the obstacles, it remains our duty as educators to prepare our students for the present and future—and the future is now. Come join this session and walk away with strategies you can use right away.

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson began his teaching career almost 25 years ago in Indianapolis Public Schools with a No More Excuses teaching approach with all of his students after being cut from the NFL Minnesota Vikings. As an educator, he didn’t allow his students to feel sorry for themselves or let their circumstances define their futures. He set high expectations for his students and expected them to do well. As a Coach, the same rules applied. Those same students went from low performing to successful Pastors, Lawyers, School Administrators, Teachers, Pharmaceutical Sales Reps, Business Owners, Pro Athletes, Entertainers and more.


He has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the country, delivering keynote addresses and workshops to educators and administrators at national conferences, parents and student workshops, corporate events and churches. He has delivered 100’s of presentations and has become an expert in teaching cultural diversity, restorative practices, socio emotional learning, working with students who have experienced trauma and how to educate Black and Latino males. His goal is to teach educators and administrators how to use their power more effectively to Educate, Activate and Motivate all Students to be Successes.


Mr. Jackson has written and published 6 books and has written articles for ASCD EL Leadership Magazine. His new book, “Becoming the Educator They Need: Strategies, Mindsets, and Beliefs for Supporting Male Black and Latino Students” won the Gold Excel Award for Technical Writing in August 2020. His “No More Excuses” Curriculum has been featured in publications nationally and is being utilized in K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities in the US and Canada. His books include, “Black Men Stand Up”, “A Boys Guide to Manhood”, “A Young Woman’s Guide to Womanhood”, “Put a Stop to Bullying” and “Solutions to Educating Black and Latino Males.”

classroom leaders
effective leaders, school improvement, cultural diversity