Evidence Based Practices 101- The Basics

Monday February 8, 2021
2:45 - 3:45 PM
Lecture 5

To educate for tomorrow, we must identify student performance today. Prior to planning support, it is imperative to identify effective interventions. Considerations are: “At what level are the students performing now?” and “At what level do we want them to perform tomorrow?” ESSA requires that schools study the effectiveness of programs funded with federal dollars. As educators, researching the level of interventions can be daunting. In the wake of COVID-19 school closures, teachers must be strategic in planning. Therefore, Evidence Based Practices 101- The Basics aims to demystify the process in the area of: • identifying critical issues • researching effective interventions • monitoring student progress • modifying the implementation of ineffective interventions The learning target is to introduce a practical approach for: • Understanding ESSA regulations regarding EBP • Identifying the four tiers of EBP • Using implementation fidelity checks

classroom leaders
school improvement