Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity: Addressing Success Gaps in Our Schools and Districts

Monday February 8, 2021
2:45 - 4:15 PM
Workshop 5

All children must receive the educational services they need to achieve their full potential. When some groups of students are less likely to receive needed services, these opportunity gaps can lead to success gaps in areas like identification for special education, test scores, attendance, disciplining, and graduation. During this session, presenters will describe how a general education/special education/community collaborative planning team in Wichita, Kansas and representatives from the Kansas Department of Education worked with technical assistance (TA) providers from a federally funded TA center, the IDEA Data Center (IDC), to address identified success gaps using a research-based resource. In small groups, session participants will engage each other in a role-playing simulation scenario during which they will experience using these resources to identify and address equity issues and success gaps, always considering how shifts to online learning might affect success gaps.

district leaders
parent family community engagement