Engaging Hands, Hearts, and Minds—Creating Passionate Young Readers and Writers

Thursday February 11, 2021
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Workshop 2

Pictures offer a universal language for those who struggle with words. At the heart of this innovative approach to literacy learning: treat words and pictures as parallel, complementary, and equal languages for learning. This dynamic multimodal approach to teaching writing and strengthening reading has a three-decade-long history of success with at-risk learners. Observe students at work; listen to their reflections; view the outstanding content-based picture books they create aligned with the English Language Arts Core Standards. Experience the power of this approach to deepen thinking, foster vocabulary development, and teach the magic of word choice. Witness for yourself how words can make a picture come alive! Review compelling findings from a large federally funded evaluation that highlights a Title I school success story and demonstrates effectiveness with a wide range of learners. This session will inspire a renewed sense of promise and opportunity for all students.

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