Conscious Classroom Management: Bringing Out the Best in Teachers and Students

Tuesday February 9, 2021
3:15 - 4:15 PM
Lecture 5

Classroom management skills are the railroad tracks that allow our train of content to move smoothly down the tracks. Supporting our staff in creating positive learning environments leads to increased staff and student morale, and less instructional time lost on behavioral matters. In this lively, interactive session participants will learn practical, easy to implement strategies for successfully teaching classroom procedures and routines that reduce misbehavior and eliminate wasted time. Participants will discover key ways to increase structure, consistency and calm. Leave with your tool kit overflowing with ideas that will help you create the classroom culture you’ve always wanted. Participants will leave this session with a proven method for connecting with tough students, consistency strategies that keep kids focused and on-task, and techniques for creating smooth and efficient classroom transitions.

classroom leaders
evidence based practices