Collaborating to Improve Instruction for English Learner Learners with Disabilities

Wednesday February 10, 2021
1:00 - 2:30 PM
Workshop 5

This workshop will engage participants in an approach aimed at collaboratively improving teaching and learning for English learners with disabilities (ELSWD). The presenters will utilize guiding questions to lead participants through an exciting journey of discovery, reflection, and application. Participants will have an opportunity to think critically about their own professional practice as it relates to working with ELSWDs and share their knowledge and experiences in providing and implementing instruction with other participants. The interactive workshop includes varied modes of representation (PowerPoint, online tools, color coded handouts), as well as engages participants in frequent paired collaboration and group work. As a culminating exercise, small groups will be guided through a lesson tuning protocol where they will collaboratively make adaptations to a lesson and then reflect on how they might apply the protocol to their own contexts and educational environments.

classroom leaders
professional learning